Self-Guided Runs in the PNW

Self-Guided Runs in the PNW

Self-Guided runs in the PNW is an alternative to running camps and races as they become unpredictable. I have been thinking of offering a few long runs in the PNW instead.

Please note: I was not able to get a permit to sell organized runs in 2021. I missed the deadline. That’s why it is labeled as self-guided runs.  BUT, I will still offer group runs for each of these self-guided runs. That means, you can either do them alone with all the resources I will share with you OR do it together when the dates become available.

Your choice, Your pace.

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Runners in the PNW or those willing to travel over there.

These full-day runs are a great opportunity for a runner to set a goal and train for it. And get you motivated.

What I have in mind:
Full-day guided runs to explore the PNW mountains. From 14 to 30+ miles. Mostly in the mountains. Different levels but always demanding.
Will require specific training: running, strength and nutrition.
Groups will be capped at 5-6 runners.
Timeframe: Late August to Mid-October 2021.
Since racing is not easy or even possible, this would be a great alternative to test yourself.

Destination ideas:
Alpine Lakes loop (Snoqualmie pass), Chair Peak circumnavigation (Snoqualmie pass), The Enchantments (Leavenworth), Burroughs (Mt. Rainier), Ancient Lakes (Quincy), Kendall Katwalk (PCT), Cathedral Pass (PCT)…
There will be a cost (TBD) to cover:
  • Coach Stephane guiding services;
  • GPX route;
  • Pre-run briefings: gear, nutrition, route;
  • Training recommendations.

What do you guys think?

Let’s train for it!
Pics taken on these routes last summer.