Running coach Stephane!

Running coach, what a journey it has been!

My running coach career probably starts here.

I found myself in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of nowhere I found myself.

That’s during the Atacama crossing race in Chile that I felt the most alive and free. A feeling I never experienced before.

Since then, my passion for running became a lifestyle. And seeing others achieving their goals is my reward.

Hi, my name is Stephane Boss and I am your running coach!

I was not born a running coach

In fact I hated to sweat. One day I was playing with my children. I was out of breath and couldn’t keep up. That day, I decided 1/ to become a morning person and 2/ to start exercising.

Every morning I was working out at 6:00 am in the basement to the sound of AC/DC “High Way To hell“. My kids couldn’t believe it, my wife didn’t believe it. I was on my way to become a different person.

As I started to run late, I wanted to catchup pretty fast. I took a few shortcuts and within a year I was running Ultras. I don’t recommend doing that but in some cases that works.

Back then, I didn’t have a coach. And the plans I found for free on the internet were either too hard to follow and discouraging or too easy and I was not seeing any progress.

It's a mental game

Sometimes you want to quit. When everything hurts, when you cannot stomach any foods or liquids, your brain asks you to stop and quit.

The brain doesn’t want you to suffer and will tell you to stop before it is too dangerous to continue.

I was in the middle of the desert. Sick. Food or water didn’t stay in. I was exhausted. I was questioning the reasons to suffer that much.

Learn to trick your brain to keep moving

The biggest lesson from all these years of running and racing is that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things. And I am a living proof.

I am fascinated by the human body and brain. From the tough times, I learned how to convince my brain that what I do is safe and under control, so that it will let me continue. And, yes, it is ok to lie sometimes.

That’s how I was able to get back on my feet and cross the finish line of one of the toughest races in world: The Atacama Crossing, 155 miles, self-supported, across the driest desert in the world.

Motivation is a struggle with everyone

As a running coach, I teach those principles to my trainees. I spend time to work with them to find their inner motivation. To be motivated to go for a run is hard sometimes. We find many excuses for not running. 

When you find a deep motivation for running, going for a run rain or shine becomes easier. And, at some point running becomes a lifestyle.

I teach how to find their inner motivation to my trainees. I help them run and keep running.

Not repeating the same mistakes. I hired a running coach

When I found myself plateauing and struggling with my nutrition during my long runs, I called a running coach. My coach defines the plan I need to follow so that I don’t need to think about it. I trust him. I don’t question the plan though sometimes I’d like to run harder, faster…

My coach helps me focus on the big picture.

With my coach I learned to pace myself and understand my body better. It’s a team work.

2020, a year with no races

With the pandemic, all my races have been cancelled including the BIG one: Tahoe 200. 200 miles around lake Tahoe.

But 2020 is also my biggest year despite a 8-week hiatus due to a surgery on my big toe.

That year I ran x3 50ks, x2 100ks, many full day run in the mountains and lots of training. Without bragging, I have a very tough mental and resistance to pain that allows me to do things that are mentally hard.

Two of the 50ks (32 miles) were done one a 4-mile trail loop outside of my house during lock down. Going in front of your house at every lap without stopping is hard. Especially when nothing is at stake.

And that’s what I teach my trainees because the brain is like a muscle, it can be trained.

From Paris, France to Redmond, WA USA

I was born and raised in France. Married to Nathalie we have three boys. The family moved to Seattle in the US in 2006. We became US citizens in 2019.

When we go back to France, we stay in the Alps. We hike and run the mountains.

Obviously my passion is running. I run for the freedom it gives me. I love being in the mountains and that’s where I’d love to see my trainees. Nothing beats a day of adventure in the mountains.

"Stephane's relational approach will help you stick to your goals when things get tough, and he brings significant knowledge and expertise from a wide range of experiences to bear on your own goals, whatever they might be"
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