Motivation Running coach is for you if:
you look for a half marathon training plan,
a 5k training program,
want to start running or want to run on trails.

Your running journey starts here...

Why considering a running coach?

You have a busy life. You don’t take enough time for yourself. Or, maybe you are frustrated with slow running progress.

You found a running plan online, great. How about when you need to skip a few runs because of your schedule or an injury?

Maybe you find excuses for doing your run?

Don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault.

What if there was a better way to run? One that’s using your natural ability and rely on accountability.

Motivation running programs from no runners to half marathon training to 5k and trail running with coach stephane boss running coach

When you join Motivation Running, here is what you get


Motivation Running is a thriving community of like-minded runners. Happy hours, Private Facebook group, Running camps, clinics…


In-person and virtual group runs. Monthly challenge. Group support. Running tips and advice. Strava running club. Building motivation to run better, farther, and faster.


One-on-one individualized plan: from beginners, 5k plans, half marathon training up to ultra running, strengthening, and mental exercises. Beginner to intermediate adult runners. Click here for details about running plans.

Who is Motivation Running For?

Coach Stephane is your certified running coach. From new runners to advanced runners. From all background and physical levels. My ideal trainee is someone who has even a little running experience and would like to run farther and eventually on trails and mountains.

New Runner

You want to start running but you don’t know where to start?

You need a method and a structured plan to get you out and running? Do you need to be accountable to get things done? You tried running before but it was too hard and boring? Do you want more time for yourself? Do you want to lose weight?

I can help you. Actually, coach Stephane started Motivation Running with you in mind.

Intermediate Runner

You have some running experience. But you feel stuck.

You ran a few 5ks and want to go to the next level but you are not sure you can do it. You have a busy life and you find it hard to add running to it? Do you feel you don’t progress?

Whether you want to train for a 10k or looking for a half marathon training plan, coach Stephane will design a plan for you.

Experienced Runner

You run comfortably on roads and trails.

You are serious about nutrition and hydration. Mountains are calling and maybe eventually you feel like going on a run for an entire day?

Whether you are considering a full Marathon or an Ultra, coach Stephane can get you there!

Aspiring Trail Runner

After a while of running on the road, are you in need of some more adventurous runs?
The great thing with trail running is that you don’t need a ton of experience to try it. For a runner who wants to add a little bit of adventure to his running, coach stephane will design a running plan to get you there.

How Motivation Running Coaching works?

Individualized plan

  • When you signup for a program and after your assessment call/questionnaire, you’ll receive your online training plan individually customized.
  • Plans are updated weekly or monthly based on your program. They are tailored to your current fitness level and designed to reach your goals.
  • Mental is a strong barrier to how far and how long one can run. Motivation Running Coaching helps you build an unstoppable mind in a strong body.
  • Because running is not enough to build a strong runner. Strength workouts are also part of your plan.

Backed by a certified coach and community

  • Each of your runs is logged and analyzed. Your coach gives you feedback and recommendation based on your run.

  • Motivation Running is a thriving community. When you join you’ll be invited to our private Facebook group. This is where the challenges and events happen.

  • As a member of Motivation Running, you also have the option to join our club on Strava.

  • These are great ways to keep you accountable and receive recommendations and feedback from your coach and the community.
motivation running coach stephane


Coach Stephane taught me patience... and perseverance. I still have tons to learn from him, thanks for everything!  Being coached by Stephane motivates me, meeting runners who have the same pace, make me go out more. The more I run, the better I feel.
Sophie Laurent-Hallet coached by coach stephane boss running coach with motivation running
Executive Assistant
Stephane's relational approach will help you stick to your goals when things get tough, and he brings significant knowledge and expertise from a wide range of experiences to bear on your own goals, whatever they might be.
Matthew Swoveland headshot motivation running
Consultant for nonprofits

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    Motivation Running helps runners and aspiring runners become strong runners. We do that through a community, a club, and coaching. Coach Stephane will take you where you are and bring you to the next level.
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