Motivation Running Club Weekly Recap

Facebook didn’t let us publish our weekly Motivation Running Club recap last night for some obscure reason.

So, here it is. Uncensored.

Motivation Running Club Weekly Recap

Each week, I go through the top 10 members of the Motivation Running Club (MRC) on Strava.

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Jordan Broghammer, good job on your back to back long runs this weekend despite the cold. Way to keep following your plan and finding a way rather than excuses!

As other Motivation Running members are increasing their mileage, it would be great if you could share about your recovery system. What’s your secret?

Mahmoud Mowiena, you are on 🔥! Your run yesterday is impressive. You must have a strong mind. Running 10 miles on a 0.6-mile loop is not easy. Keep up the great work!

Also, though you look strong it doesn’t make you injury-proof. You increased your mileage a lot recently. Make sure you recover well: eating plenty of healthy food, stretch, and make sure you keep 80% of runs at an easy pace.

There are a few exceptions but we recommend not increasing mileage more than 10%-15% per week to prevent injury.

Nicolas Sparth Bouvier, your week started very well until the snow hit. I feel guilty as I should have brought you with me this morning. Running on snow is quite fun actually. Good job on the strength workouts!

Nice run on Thursday Jerome Vasseur! You have been running consistently for the last 5 weeks, consider this week as a recovery week 😉. No photos this week?

I hesitated to do a group run today on the Sammamish River Trail. Would have been great snow running practice. But then I realized that you actually need to drive to get there and I didn’t want anyone to be in a car accident.

Very strong week JF Rmy! 100 total miles from running and biking! This week’s lesson learned: don’t do what your watch says 🤣. Speedwork needs to be progressive. Start with a couple 20-30 seconds strides per run before you can increase duration and intensity. Good job on going for it though!

Yan Philippe, when you are hit with inclement weather, it is a great opportunity for a strength workout. Integrating strength workouts into your running is a great way to work muscles that are hard to work otherwise.

Lorene Bouvier- de Bonnevie, good job on sticking to your back-to-running-plan. Two more days! I hope you can resume running tomorrow assuming ice did not replace snow.

Sophie Hallet, looks like you really like the snow! Good job on getting outside these past couple of days.

Nathalie Boss, nice little hike today in Seattle with your Valentine 😍.

Pictures were taken from this week’s club runners. I purposely only share landscape pictures.

Keep running!
Coach Stephane.