Benefits of running

Benefits of running

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The running benefits. Take a moment to think about the reason why you run and the benefits of running.

I am pretty sure you did not wake up one day and just went running. Just like that! There is a reason behind it.

Maybe you realized you were not in good shape and couldn’t play with your kids? Maybe you needed more “me” time? or you had a health issue and your doc told you to exercise if you wanted to have a chance to see your grandkids? Others are running to lose weight, enjoy nature, being outside, de-stress, reconnect with themselves…

But what if running actually was a means to transform you inside and out? Since you started running did you notice a change? and I am not talking about only a physical change.

Abstract from Runner’s World article:

It has been proven that one of the benefits of running is that it does stimulate your brain:

  • Increase Focus and reasoning ability
  • Get high without using drugs – endorphins release
  • Reduces stress and elevates mood over the long term – Happiness
  • Running at a higher intensity can cut your appetite
  • Running could trigger the growth of new brain tissue
  • Staying fit as you age is vital in keeping your brain in good shape
  • Reduce your risk of suffering from dementia

Now, go for a run and encourage those around you to do the same. It is for their own good.

Allez, allez!