A broken big toe and a reminder!

I broke my big toe while trail running downhill with my son Matthieu.
I hit a rock that was under a leaf. Always look where you land your foot. Right?
I softly fell on the trail. The toe was hurting. Like a sharp pain.
I was immediately back on my feet. I didn’t pause Strava though oops ;-).
I was able to run and quickly found a way to land my foot so it doesn’t hurt. I jogged the remaining 3 miles to the car.
When at home, I looked at it. I moved it a bit sideways to see if I could put it back in place. It clicked. 😂. Do not do that at home. That’s stupid. Okay?
I figured I had a broken big toe so I drove to the urgent care.
The X-Ray determined it was fractured. They “gave” me a pretty expensive boot. And I was back home.
Today, I saw the podiatrist. He showed me the X-Ray. The fracture starts at the joint between the two Phalanx bones (I had to Google it!).
From here I have two options: no surgery or no surgery. Both are fine. The no surgery option could potentially lead to arthritis though. Though not a guarantee, that’s a possibility.
And so I opted for the surgery. They will put a screw in my big toe bone so that everything stays together in place and forever. If, after talking with my insurance it is financially doable I will do the procedure on 10/30.
Then I’ll be able to exercise again 5 weeks after surgery.
Note that it does not take more time to rehab surgery or not.
That’s another long story. I know.
This story tells us:
  1. Always watch where to put your fit. And don’t forget to lift your foot high enough so it doesn’t get caught in roots or rocks.
  2. Make sure you have the proper gear in case it happens and you need to strap your foot or leg.
  3. You don’t want to be alone on a remote trail and you always tell someone where you go and at what time you’ll be back home.
  4. Check your insurance to know what is covered for the kind of activity you do. For example, when I run overseas I always subscribe to international search and rescue insurance that covers running activity.
Redmond, WA, USA