VIRTUAL CHALLENGE – 20 min. 20 days. Move. Have fun!

Click here and join now and before November 10th and start logging your activities: run/walk/bike/swim/workout:


Log 20 activity days in November.

This month’s challenge is not about mileage but to get you in the habit of getting out and run.

It can be to just follow your current plan or adding a few runs to it. Be careful not to increase mileage too much though.
Going out for a 20-minute run, bike, swim, or hike is totally fine.

I am working on prizes. Though it is a free event I might come up with something. Will see. I am thinking of offering coaching for a month to two people. Worth $100 each.

If you need assistance le me know.

I will also send out an email with all the details. So it is a good idea to signup for our email list.

Any questions, feel free to shoot me an email: