Whether you look for a half marathon training plan, a 5k training program, want to start running, or willing to run on trails, Motivation Running can help you.

Your next
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You have a busy life. Maybe you are overwhelmed by COVID. You don’t take enough time for yourself. You are frustrated with slow running progress.

You always seem to find the best excuses for not going outside and do your run.
Don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault.

What if you knew how to not let excuses dictate when you run?

What if there was a better way to run?
One that’s using your natural ability.
Motivation Running is just about that.

When you join Motivation Running, here is what you get


One-on-one individualized plan: from beginners, 5k plans, half marathon training up to ultra running, strengthening, and mental exercises. Beginner to intermediate runners. Click here for details about running plans.


Motivation Running is a thriving community of like-minded runners. Happy hour, Private Facebook group, running camps…


Groups runs. Challenges. Group supports. Running tips and advices. Build motivation.


Coach Stephane taught me patience … and perseverance. I still have tons to learn from him, thanks for everything!  Being coached by Stephane motivates me, meeting runners who have the same pace, make me go out more. The more I run, the better I feel.” – Sophie

How Motivation Running Works

Running is a Journey

A journey that requires preparation, conditioning, and small steps. I, coach Stephane, believe in the compound effect. I believe that repeated small steps done consistently will get you to your destination injury-free.

Training plans are personalized to each individual. Tailored to your current fitness level and designed to reach your goals.

One of the specificities of the Motivation Running Coaching program is the mental aspect. Mental is a strong barrier to how far and how long one can run. Motivation Running Coaching helps you build an unstoppable mind in a strong body.

You are not alone

Each of your runs is logged and analyzed. And your coach will give you feedback and recommendations on the spot.

Motivation Running is a thriving community. When you join you’ll get access to our private Facebook group. As a member of Motivation Running, you also have the option to join our club on Strava. These are great ways to keep you accountable and receive recommendations and feedback from your coach and the community.

half marathon training in the mountain with Motivation Running Club and coach Stephane

Weekly Training plans

Your plan is done weekly or bi-weekly. It is made to fit into your schedule, not the other way around.

Your plan includes running and strength workouts. It also starts with mental exercises. We strive to help you become a well-rounded runner.

80% of your runs will be easy. As you progress into a strong runner, specific workouts will be added such as speed and hill sessions. Because who doesn’t want to run faster and eat hills like candy?

In addition to daily feedback on your run, you’ll get unlimited messaging with your coach and a weekly check-in as needed. Especially at the beginning of a new phase.


Example of a 3-run week: Build a base phase.
Day 1: Run 2 Miles easy. Consider this run a meditation run to get into the week slowly.
Day 2: Strength workout. See the video tutorials.
Day 3: Run 5 miles easy. Conversational pace. Relaxed shoulder, head straight, smile. Breathing is easy.
Day 4: Strength workout
Day 5: Rest or cross-training
Day 6: Run 6 miles easy. Conversational pace. Relaxed shoulder, head straight, smile. Breathing is easy.
Day 7: Strength workout or rest.

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